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About Wholesale Mink Lashes

About Wholesale Mink Lashes

With the improvement of living material levels, people are paying more and more attention to enjoying life. More and more girls and even boys like to use cosmetics to make themselves more beautiful. For example, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, foundation, mink lashes are all people who love beauty must have. And cosmetics are fast-moving products. There are a lot of people who don’t have enough money and want to start own business. They will choose to start own lashes business, because compared with other industries, the lash business needs low cost,but it has high profit.

1.A reliable eyelash vendor

When you decide to start mink lashes wholesale , the most important thing you need to do first is to find a reliable mink eyelash vendor who can not only provide you with quality mink lashes, but also maintain long-term stable cooperation with you. A reliable mink lash vendor is like a water-to-fish for mink lashes retailers, which provide life and food for fish.

2.Suitable mink lashes style

Mink lashes come in many styles, for example, we currently have more than 100 styles and are constantly innovating. The effect of each type of eyelashes is different, and the price is different. You need to clearly understand the preferences and consumption levels of your target customers, so that your business will not fall into the predicament of low sales.

What aspects of mink eyelashes have we improved?

3.Keep abreast of market dynamics

No matter what industry’s market, every moment is changing.Especially in the fast-moving goods industry like mink lashes, the market changes very fast, and new styles will appear soon. If you can’t keep up the speed of the update with the market timely,you will be out of date.

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The Best-Selling Mink Lashes Style In 2019

The Best-Selling Mink Lashes Style In 2019

As a reliable lash vendor, we have many years of experience in wholesale mink lashes, and we will also predict the most popular styles of the year based on market trends. If you are a person who just started your own eyelashes, you are still bothered by the search for a reliable mink eyelash vendor vendor, or you already have your own lash line, but you don’t know what styles of eyelashes will be popular this year,then this article will be useful to you.

What type of eyelashes are you suitable for?

1. 25MM Lashes

The 20mm mink lashes we designed in 2018 have been loved by many people. We expect that the 25mm lashes strip will be more popular in 2019, so if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you go. Personally experience its beauty and charm!

2.20MM Lashes

On the occasion of the arrival of 2019, we designed the latest style of mink lashes, the first batch of products was ordered within three days, it can be seen that 20mm mink lashes is as popular as 25mm mink lashes. Many customers ask me where the characteristics of the 20mm lash are. It is characterized by keeping the eyes comfortable and keeping up with the public’s aesthetics. No matter what eye type people wear it, they have a unique beauty.

3.Leader Of Mink Lash Trends

   Caleche Lashes is a comprehensive mink lashes wholesale Company with own design team, Own factory and own international trading department! Working with us, you not only get the product but also the quality, service, and ideas for starting the eyelash business.
    Finding a good supplier is the premise and key to your lash business.You are very lucky to meet us, I am very sure that we are the trusted supplier for you.We have a lot of customers , we can provide a lot of useful help for your career.

  Let us grow together and win this huge market! 
   We are waiting for you!