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Things For Mink Lashes

Things For 3D Mink Fur Lashes

As a lash client, you already know a few important things—to always have a clean spoolie on hand, that no mascara is the best mascara, and any service that includes an hour long nap is worth incorporating into your life. But, your lash artist has a few more specks of wisdom to share to take you from lash novice to master client. We’ve scouted some insight from a few amazing lash artists, our 3D Mink Fur Lashes SHOP bring you the top ten things your lash artist wants you to know.
Longer extensions don’t always mean more dramatic MINK LASHES.
“Clients should be aware that shorter lashes can achieve a fuller and bolder look. Often, longer extensions give a whispie—almost ‘spidery’ – effect. Some clients love that look, but some don’t! It’s important to know exactly what kind of result you’re going for before requesting long extensions to get a ‘dramatic’ set.”
Not all volume sets are created equal.

“There are levels to volume lashes; beginner volume and advanced volume. Keep in mind the experience, skill level, and type of volume lashing  MINK LASHES is capable of executing when booking your appointment to align your expectations with the outcome. Advanced volume boasts the dark, uniform lash line that saturates Instagram and can sometimes only be achieved after years of honing in on the craft.”
Don’t be shy.
“As lash artists, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible  3D Mink Fur Lashes when getting your lashes done! During the service, if you are in any discomfort—such as burning, or the tape or eye pads [are] rubbing your eyes, please make us aware so that we are able right away to prevent redness or irritation to the eyes. If you have any problems after the service, like allergic reactions or eye redness, we can recommend the best options to help in these cases.”
Clean those lashes.
“Don’t come with dirty lashes. As a courtesy to  3D Mink Fur Lashes please cleanse and brush your lashes before your fill. This will give me more time lashing, and the retention of your new set will be amazing. Clean bonds, better retention. Think about it this way: who goes to the dentist without brushing first?”
Cat-eye styling isn’t for everyone.
“Often times with false lashes,  3D Mink Fur Lashes(where the longest lashes are at the outer corners) makes the eyes look larger. But this doesn’t translate very well to lash extensions—which, unlike strip lashes, use your natural lashes as a base. The lashes on your outer eye naturally grow shorter, and are often unable to support the weight of ultra long extensions. So overloading the ends with super long extensions creates a droopy, winged effect—which isn’t flattering for anyone. Instead, forgo the cat eye, and ask for a styling where the longest lengths are between the mid and outer eye.”
Extensions are H20-friendly!

“I would like for my clients to understand just because they have lash extensions doesn’t mean they have to avoid water/water activities! I promote lash extensions as a great alternative to mascara for those who enjoy time in the water!”
Keep talking to a minimum.
“One of the things  3D Mink Fur LashesI consider a top priority to let my client’s know, is that talking during the service can negatively affect their results in so many ways. So I’ll include something like this in their confirmation message: ‘Unfortunately, as much as I love chatting with my clients, the more we talk the harder it is to for me to achieve seamless application, work quickly, and focus on the dynamic design pattern I have customized for you. I want your lashes [to be] the best they can be—super full and styled perfectly—so just keep that in mind and feel free to bring headphones if you’d like. I want you to be able to fully enjoy this relaxing service!’. I always feel like if they knew they were doing something that was compromising their results, they would prefer to know! Most people don’t even realize it’s an issue, so it’s just better to let them know in a polite and friendly way.”

You gotta work, work, work, work, work too.
“One thing I wish clients  3D Mink Fur Lashes knew and understood is that lash retention does not just happen [because] the lash artist [keeps] up on fresh products, or proper lash application! Lash retention is also [caused by] seasons changing, lash cleanliness, their makeup routine, medications, oily or dry skin, shed cycles—you name it! It’s important to educate your clients, but also it takes understanding that [retention does] not always fall back on the lash artist. With education and commitment on both ends to keep their lashes happy and healthy, everyone will understand lashes better!”
Skip the caffeine.
“Consuming caffeine before your lash appointment can cause your eyes to flutter or twitch. This can be a nightmare when it comes to getting each  3D Mink Fur Lashes lash properly isolated and bonded. Not to mention, it’s potentially dangerous—think sharp tweezers. Avoid caffeine at least one hour prior to your appointment, and your lash artist will thank you!”
Don’t hold it!
“If you need to go to the bathroom  MINK LASHES please tell me. It’s better to take a 5 min break than having you moving around, and anxious on the bed. [You’re] supposed to enjoy this you time!”
You heard them. Follow these ten tips to take your client score up to ten, and get the best lash set possible!



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Product Feature: Mink Lashes

Product Feature: Mink Lashes

There’s something so satisfying about giving your clients the deepest, darkest set you can. Whether it’s sky-high length they’re after, or full, fluffy volume, a dark, dense lash line is always welcome. But how do you give sky-scraper height and ultra-black density without overloading your clients’ natural lashes?
With MINK LASHES SHOP mink Lashes, of course.
Our mink Lashes have a wide, 3d mink eyelashes  base that increases the appearance of density at the lash line without adding extra weight, so your 0.15mm look like 0.20mm, and your 0.18mm look like 0.25mm. And because they’re lighter than they look, you can give your clients the length they crave with added thickness as a bonus.

Plus, the mink Lashes tened base provides more surface area for bonding, meaning better retention, and less opportunity for the extension to twist or turn on the natural lash.
mink Lashes are tapered for less than 1/3 of the lash length, giving the appearance of thickness almost to the very end of the lash. The sharp taper at the tip contrasts the full lash body, resulting in ultra-dense, spiky sets like this one by Meghan Beck.
Mixing mink Lashes with volume fans is an easy way to add texture and dimension to your hybrid sets. Here mixes 0.07mm 3-4D volume fans with 0.15mm mink Lashes to achieve a layered look with a ton of definition.
Don’t be fooled, though, mink Lashes aren’t just for creating drop-dead drama. They’re also great for adding definition to natural sets. Altering your lengths and overall lash shape will help maintain a “maybe she’s born with it” look, while mink Lashes amp up the look with added depth. Here, Meghan used an 8 | 12 | 9 style map with 0.15mm mink Lashes to preserve a more natural looking set.
The goal of volume lashing is to achieve maximum fullness, while classic sets are all about long, elegant length. mink lashes are designed only for use in classic lashing (1:1), but their full body delivers the appearance of density without compromising the sky-high length your classic clients crave.
MINK LASHES SHOP mink Lashes are touted as the best silk lashes in the industry, but don’t take our word for it.

7 Simple Tricks in Making Your Eyes Fantastically Alluring and Beautiful!

Eyes are always considered the window to your soul thus making your eyes appear bigger and alluring can be very, very beautiful.
Below is a 7 Simple Tricks in making your eyes fantastically alluring and beautiful!
Step 1: Tweeze eyebrows Tidy up those eyebrows with your tweezers or have them shaped by a professional-but be careful not go overboard, as you want to look natural.
Step 2: Brush on eye shadow Brush on a very neutral eye shadow using an eye shadow brush, sweeping it from your lash line to your brow bone. This should be subtle. If it’s too light, it can overpower your eyes; if it’s too dark, it will make them look sunken.
Step 3: Sweep color into eyelid crease Using a medium-toned eye shadow and your eye shadow brush, sweep on a soft layer of color into the crease of your eyelid for contour.
Step 4: Add eyeliner Add eyeliner. Avoid putting eyeliner on too thick or around the inner half of your lower lid. Too much eyeliner will make your eyes look smaller.
Step 5: Extend liner beyond edges Extend the liner just beyond the edges of your eyes. This will help open your eyes.
Step 6: Curl lashes Curl your lashes. The more your lashes curl and stretch, the larger your eyes will appear. If your eyelashes are short or sparse, you may want to consider wearing false eyelashes.
Step 7: Apply mascara Apply mascara. Start in the middle of your upper eyelashes and work your way out to the corners with gentle upward strokes. If your eyes are deep-set, try applying mascara to all of your upper eyelashes.
Note: Do you know that Eyes can process over 35,000 bits of information in an hour thus no matter how big your eyes look, the way they operate is huge.