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What’s The Difference Between Silk Lashes And Mink Lashes?

Lashes can make a big difference. 

If you’ve been doing any kind of research into false eyelashes, you’ve probably come across a few types of falsies out there. There’s a plethora of options to choose from – eyelash extensions, luxurious mink lashes, faux mink lashes, or even silk lashes.

But how do you know which ones are the most natural looking or comfortable, or better yet, works with your eyes, and your budget?

Well, fret not! Because we’re here to help guide you through this maze of lash lingo ,and cut through the hype.So you understand what the REAL differences are, and find you the perfect pair that you’ll be truly happy with!

What’s silk lashes?

First thing’s first, while some brands market their silk lashes as 100% silk lashes, but they are a synthetic based silk fibre, not actually real silk.Because as real silk is quite a soft material and won’t be able to hold its shape and curl. “Silk” lashes are a newer type of lashes that have come out in recent years, that’s finer and more natural looking than the traditional faux mink eyelashes. Prices for a pair of silk lashes can range around $18-$25 USD depending on the brand.Silk lashes can be reused multiple wears with proper care.

What’s mink lashes ?

Mink lashes (at least our 3d mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,25mm mink lashes ,18mm mink lashes)are unlike synthetic lashes you can find in drug stores. Mink lashes made with a soft cotton band, which makes them lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to apply.

Our mink hair also provides each lash strand with a tapered effect, just like a natural hair should because they are always shaped by hand, never cut.One of the main draw of mink lashes (again, at least the ones we’ve created), are actually their durability. They are not one-time use and disposable lashes (reuse reduce right?).

With proper care, mink lashes could last multiple wears, we’ve even had customers wear ours over 30+ times until it finally said “No more! I’m done being applied on your eyes!”. We’re paraphrasing, but the point is, they are resilient!

What’s the difference between silk lashes vs  mink lashes?

It depends on the lash brand. The main difference depends on the brand and their construction process. You’ll notice with some silk lashes that they may have higher and a more noticeable sheen. Other than that, they are fairly comparable in terms of look and feel, it depends on personal preference.

More importantly, if you want to add volume to your lashes while looking natural, we recommend finding the right style, length, and pattern that fits your unique eye type, as there may  be obvious differences between Silk vs Mink lashes.

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