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How to start own eyelash business with$100?

How to start own eyelash business with $100?

I recently received a lot of enquiries, they said “I want to start my eyelash business,I don’t know how to do”.

So, how do you start your eyelash line with $100?

3d mink eyelash vendors

Firstly, think about your brand name.

Secondly,make own logo files(The logo should be unique and can make people impressed)About $20

Thirdly,find a good eyelash vendor(eyelash factory) to order samples. If order 10 pairs mink sample and 10 pcs custom package box,about $80

This supplier’s eyelashes must have good quality and accept sample order.Low minium order quantity of the custom package box. Because your eyelash business is just beginning, the budget is limited and its important to make own logo package box.

After receiving the eyelashes, you can post your eyelash photos, videos, and even live to show your eyelashes on social media,such as Instagram,Facebook,Youtube,Whatsapp,Twitter,Pinterest,snapchat…










Wow,so easy to start own eyelash business!!! So, hurry up as soon as possible!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I will be happy to help you.


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