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Oh my god! Contact us to make eyelash packaging LOGO only $10

Oh my god! Contact us to make eyelash packaging LOGO

only $10

Nowadays, more and more ladies want to starting their own business. So they focus on the eyelash business,because the cost of eyelashes is low, the demand is large.

Most of entrepreneur have own brand name,it is so cute and melodious.But that is not enough,you need to own logo to match your brand name,the logo will be unique design and impressive.if so,your customers will not forgot your logo.After a long time, your logo will become a unique symbol.More and more people will know your logo and symbol,so the sales quantity will be huge.

So,how to design the own logo with brand name?

We have a professional design team, we will design logo according to your requirements.Add your brand name use the font you like,and add the pattern you like.We will constantly modified the design,until our customers are satisfaction with the logo design.

The important thing,the logo design only sell $10, thats unbelievable,we can give you free design 3 times,until you are satisfaction with the design.

If you have any questions,please contact with me,we are pleased to reply your questions.

whatsapp: +86 13184138326


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Pay attention! At present, this kind of box is sell well !!!

Pay attention! At present, this kind of lash package box is sell well !!!

CALECHE lashes are manufacturer of mink lashes and custom lash package box,we have thousands of customers every month.

According to our experience,this lash package box are sell well,it is selling top one!!!


Thats blank diamond shape box without logo,the inner box is light pink glitter,the outside is white marble box,all box can print your logo on box.

If you start own lashes line and haven’t own logo,no worries,we have the professional designer to help you make the design.And we will show it looks before production,after you confirm the design,we will start production.



That’s we made diamond shape box for our customers,that will be more beautiful.


Thats the real pictures of  diamond shape box with mink lashes.

OMG,I fall in love with them!!!



If you interested in our custom package box,please fill in this form,we will reply you within 24 hours.