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Why our custom eyelash package box MOQ only 30 pcs?

Why our custom eyelash package box low MOQ?

In general, the custom eyelash package box minium order quantity is 100 pcs, 500 pcs

But CALECHE LASHES custom package box minium order quantity only 60 pcs!!!

Why are our MOQ so low?

Firstly,CALECHE LASHES have own package box factory.Other suppliers do not have their own factories, they are working with other factories.So their prices are high and the minium order quantity is high.

Secondly,our box is small profits but quick turnover and winning more customers.

Thirdly,we are to meet the needs of different customer groups.Large customers have large demand and can order more than 100 pcs. But most of them are customers who just started the eyelash business,they can”t order more than 100 pcs,but they can order 60 PCS first,As their eyelash business is grow,they will order more mink lashes and more package box.




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New eyelash package box arrival

New eyelash package box arrival

After the last launch of the new eyelash package box, we have launched a lot of new boxes again.

These box can customized,you can print your brand name,website,social media…on these box.

Minium Order Quantity only 20 PCS!!!

All box are magnetic box.

On the first day of the launch of the new box, CALECHE LASHES sold several cartons.A lot of customers say that I like your box too much.


There are still many new boxes in production, so waiting for more new styles…

Which one do you like the most?