3D Mink Lashes


     Our 3D mink lashes are handmade of the hair that naturally sheds from the Siberian mink.

Soft material that will not hurt eyes.

     They are 15mm~16mm in length.

Without any chemical treatment,  add 0% chemical syrup.

     They are 48 layers and look fuller and thicker than other lashes.

     3D mink lahses look like have 3D effect when girls wear them .

No girl will not like it

 Our 3D mink lashes can be wron 25~30 times,you can wash them with water if they

become dirty,then use the hair dryer to dry them again,the 3D effect is still so good!

     We have many styles of 3D mink lashes,

there must be a type you like

   The hair is from coarse to fine, they are very natural

looks like your own eyelashes.

   We have achieved 90% satisfaction oproduct experience.

Our minimum wholesale quantity is 1 pair.

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