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How to clean false eyelashes

Dip it in discharge makeup water

To the cosmetic that is stained with on false eyelash(3D mink lash strip,20mm lash strip,18mm Siberian mink lash,25mm mink lashes strips) cannot wash, can dip it in discharge makeup water, rinse with clear water next, put in shady and cool and dry place finally can. Overall, the harder the material is, the less likely it is to deform and the more times it can be reused. Conversely, the softer the material, the easier it is to deform and the fewer times it can be reused.

Eyelash Vendors USA

Eyelash Vendors USA

Do not go to tear directly

However, when removing false eyelash, do not go to tear directly, because false eyelash is pasted together with his eyelash, if tear directly energetically, tear very easily his eyelash also comes down. And time grew, also can let eyelid become flabby. So when removing false eyelash, use cotton swab to dip right amount eye ministry discharge makeup product, brush gently in the root position of false eyelash, false eyelash can fall off naturally.

do not coddle cheap go buying inferior product

When buying false eyelash, do not coddle cheap go buying inferior product, can cause harm to the eye otherwise, if possible, take false eyelash as far as possible, because the glue that sticks eyelash can block the hair follicle of our eyelash root, bring about sweat cannot eliminate, make eyelash falls off easily.

The method to also can let eyelash become longer and warped

Actually, besides stick false eyelash besides, still have other method to also can let eyelash become longer and warped. For example with cotton swab dip overnight tea, besmear at eyelash root, morning and evening each can. Also can dip the solution in capsule of vitamin e capsule with cotton swab, let eyelash absorb nutrition adequately, stimulative eyelash grows.


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