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About 25MM Mink Strip Lashes

About 25MM Mink Strip Lashes

1.A Reliable Mink Lashes Vendor

As a reliable Eyelash Vendor and Eyelash Manufacturer, our focus is not just to Wholesale Mink Lash , we also focus on designing new styles for 3d mink lashes. After our investigation, we found that many eye-catching styles of extroverted girls are more exaggerated, dense and dramatic. Therefore, we designed 25mm strip lashes!

25mm mink strip lashes

2.Start A Lash Business!

Siberian mink lashes 25mm have been loved by many girls around the world, and many girls are planning to start their own eyelashes. “How to start your own lash business“, “how to start a lash business“, “how to start a lash line” has become hot topics.

How to create your own eyelash brand ?

2.About 25MM Mink Strip Lashes

The 25mm mink lashes production process is very complicated, with a total of 25 processes. In order to make them become  real mink lashes with a natural look, we require 100% handmade. To make sure they become 3D mink eyelash, we use the longest hair on the tail of the mink. In order to ensure the softness of the hair, we only use the hair on the tail of the 1-2 years old Siberian mink, so our raw materials are very precious.

3.What Is 25MM Real Mink Lashes?

Why are the products of other Lashes Vendors engaged in wholesale mink lashes so cheap, because their raw materials are short hairs of other parts of the Siberian mink’s body, they do not care about the age of the hair when buying raw materials, the quality of hair, and even a lot of hair without hair tips, Some hairs are also attached to the hair follicles, which look unnatural and unsanitary!

4.Other Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

If you have already wholesaled mink lashes, then you will find that there are many mink lash vendors whose eyelashes are wholesale from us, or some eyelash suppliers use our catalogs when chatting with customers! Because these suppliers are afraid to use the catalog with their own product photos! They don’t know how to design popular eyelash style, how to make high quality mink lashes, they only know imitation, do low-cost competition, can’t guarantee quality and delivery time to their customers!

5.Contact Us!

Good products are never cheap! We look forward to being a partner who can maintain a long-term relationship with us!

We are happy to provide you with the best quality mink lashes in the world!

Welcome to contact us!


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