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CALECHE LASHES have shipped 80 pcs packages to the US every day !!!

CALECHE LASHES have shipped 80 pcs packages to the US

every day !!!

May is not the busy season for purchases, but our orders are increasing every day.The packages arrived 80 pcs each day!!! Thats amazing!!!

Why so many customers order mink lashes from CALECHE LASHES?

Only continuous innovation can continue to meet market demand!We regularly introduce new products. Each of our products is a perfect product that is repeatedly designed, repeatedly tested, and repeatedly adjusted dozens or even hundreds of times before being introduced to the market!

wholesale mink lashes


All the styles on the market are new and unique. We changed the softness of the eyelashes and we updated the material of the eyelashes to achieve good comfort. Everything we do is invisible, but you can feel it with your eyes and heart. Our luxurious eyelashes are light weight to avoid eye fatigue. You can even sleep with them. We have found that some women forget to take off their eyelashes in their daily lives, so we should make sure that they are safe and healthy.

3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

Our eyelash quality is the best.Eyelash quality is the foundation of the order.Your eyelashes  have good quality, the customer trusts you, feels that you are a reliable supplier, and then always order from you.

We have very good after-sales service.Many customers are just starting their own eyelash business,if you have any questions about mink lashes,about eyelash marketing and mink lashes care,please contact with CALECHE LASHES,we are pleased to reply your questions.

This is a part of our inventory


Thats our shipment packages


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  1. Hi, Caleche Lashes.My name is Merdie G and I’m interested in retailing eyelash extensions, strip lashes and other lash products. I would like to request your product catalog to possibly move forward with purchases. Thanks for your time.

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