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Customer’s Review Of CALECHE LASHES

Customer’s Review Of CALECHE LASHES

Recently, many customers have asked me for an inquiry. At the beginning they will say that ” I just started my eyelash business,I don’t know how to start my eyelash business,and how to choose eyelash styles.”

mink lash vendors
     mink lash vendors

Want to start own eyelash business, it’s important to eyelash quality.Choosing high-quality eyelashes is half the success of the eyelash business.The good quality eyelashes, the customer experience is good, so your customers will reorder lashes and the old customers will introduce new customers to buy eyelashes.The eyelash business is getting bigger and bigger in the future.

lash vendors
          lash vendors

Conversely, if I use a poor quality eyelash supplier,The customer bought the eyelashes, the quality is too bad, the customer will ask for a refund, then you have to deal with the after-sales problem, wasting some time.Moreover, you losed this customer, he will never buy your eyelashes again. Some friends need eyelashes, he will tell her friends that the quality of this brand eyelash is very poor. Never buy it.

Mink Lashes Vendors

Mink Lashes Vendors

Another important point is to look at the customer experience that has been purchased, customer‘s review.This will know how this company situation,service attitude, mink lashes quality and delivery speed.

eyelash package box
      eyelash package box

So, what kind of quality is CALECHE LASHES? I will post some reviews from our customer’s.


This is my old customers,she ordered the third time of our mink lashes and package box,she said” The ladies all love them!!! And she want to order lashes”

lash vendor
             lash vendor

In addition to these customers, we have a lot of customer review. Thats a part of customer review.

And we also have many pictures of our customer wear CALECHE LASHES

wholesale mink lash vendors
wholesale mink lash vendors

3d mink lashes wholesale
3d mink lashes wholesale

Thats all real pictures from our customers,they are more beautiful when they wear CALECHE LASHES.And they said,it is comfortable, they got a lot of praise from their friend.Many customers asked them,which brand lashes you used?Thats charming!!!

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  1. Hi, Caleche Lashes.My name is Alexus and I am trying to start a lash business. What kind of lashes do you have?

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