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Implicit  Paste Fake Mink Lashes Method

Implicit Paste Fake Mink Lashes Method

Curly long eyelashes is the most beautiful beauty of the mark, but their own short and thin eyelashes how brush can not brush slender curling effect. To learn how to paste Fake Mink Lashes, do not have to worry about affixed false eyelashes do not want others to see through, or worried about stinging eyes, in fact, as long as the mascara false eyelashes, so that others can not see you posted a false eyelashes.
Method one: half-paste method
Fake eyelashes half-paste and full-line paste compared to the half-paste method is more natural without a trace, and will not sting eyes, more suitable for novice to learn Oh.

Lash Vendor

Lash Vendor

STEP 1: folder Alice down eyelashes
Paste false eyelashes before the eyelash curler Alice will not cause false eyelashes layering, when the folder points 3, starting from the root of the eyelashes, to the middle and distal are caught.
STEP 2: thin brush mascara stereotypes
After brushing the lashes clip a layer of mascara, the purpose is to make eyelashes stereotypes, keep curling does not sag, without brushing out the thick effect.

STEP 3: Trim to a suitable length
False eyelashes before wearing Fake Mink Lashes should be trimmed, it is recommended to split the false eyelashes into three sections.
STEP 4: to make a Fake Mink Lashes flexible eye exercises
To make a soft eyelashes False eyelashes, pinch the ends of false eyelashes back and forth, so that false eyelashes more fit their eye-shaped.
STEP 5: Only the end of the eye and the middle
False eyelashes stalks coated with glue, until the glue half-dry paste at the end of the eye to the middle of the eye above the real eyelashes.
STEP 6: true and false eyelashes brush together
And then brush mascara again, to enhance the thick eyelashes thick, so true and false eyelashes together.
STEP 7: Eyeliner mask glue traces
Use eye liner to fill the lashes root gap and cover the traces of glue.
STEP 8: brush out the thick eyelashes
Lift mascara brush under the eyelashes, so that the lower eyelashes there is also a sense of presence.
STEP 9: avoid stratification
After affixing false eyelashes, if there is true and Fake Mink Lashes stratification, eyelash curler can be used from the root to start ironing, so that true and false eyelashes curved curvature consistent.
STEP 10: make up the end of eye lines
Finally make up your eyes with eye liner liquid lines at the end, so eyeliner lines more fluid.
Method two: eye tail superimposed paste method
You want to be more conspicuous, you can choose the end of the eye stack paste method, increase the thickness of the false eyelashes at the end of the eye, elongated eye shape and imperfect eye shape can be modified, while not very exaggerated Oh. Of course, if you do not want the first eye is too long, but the obvious eye-round words, you can paste in the middle of a small amount of false eyelashes paste.

Step 1: to do a lashes “soft exercise”
In order to make the shape of Fake Mink Lashes more fit with the eye, wear more comfortable, remove the false eyelashes, holding the bright end of false eyelashes back and forth bending, so that the Ministry of false eyelashes more soft stem.
Step 2: Find the most suitable length
Just bought a fake eyelashes to be trimmed to fit their eye shape, first of all, we have to trim the length of false eyelashes, eyelashes on the top of the eyelashes contrast, align the inner corner of the back 4-5 mm, the end of the eye Can be slightly longer, cut away the extra length.
Step 3: Apply a little more glue on both ends
Apply a layer of glue along the phalanges of the false eyelashes and apply more on the ends of the eyelashes because the eyes and eye-ends are very easy-to-lift parts.
Step 4: a small clip to help
False eyelashes, the Ministry of the Ministry of soft and thin, fingers will be difficult to pinch the location, it is recommended to use a small clip to help make the process more with less. Affixed to the middle of the paste at the time, and then adjust the location on both sides.
Step 5: Eyeliner to cover the traces of glue
After applying the false eyelashes, use an eyeliner to fill the gaps in the roots of the eyelashes or the traces of glue that are exposed to make the stems and eyelids of the Fake Mink Lashes blend together.

Step 7: cut the false eyelashes into three sections
Posted two false eyelashes will appear too dense, the whole row of false eyelashes cut out three short paragraphs, which can be superimposed on a paste.
Step 8: tail paste and paste
Cut the cut out a short Fake Mink Lashes, superimposed on the end of the eye paste, so that the rear of the eyelashes more dense.
Step 7: true and false eyelashes volume consistent
True and false eyelashes must not be stratified, such as the emergence of stratification, available eyelash curler gently press the eyelashes root, slowly move up, so that true and false eyelashes without stratification.

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