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How many orders do we have every day?

How many orders do we have every day?

Caleche lashes, as one of the best eyelash suppliers, we have been focusing on luxury mink eyelashes for 10 years, and provide high-end luxury mink eyelashes to the market at low prices. If you want to buy mink hair wholesale, Caleche lashes will be the first choice.

Each day is a busy eyelash day.Many customers ordered CALECHELASHES from worldwide.

Thats a part of payment records from paypal today.

    A part of payment records today


    Send lashes to our customer


So why are there so many orders?

1.CALECHELASHES is 100% handmade 3D siberian mink lashes,it have the good quality and we can use our lashes about 25-30 times

2.We have own designer to design newest styles regularly.So you can wear the latest mink lash styles and lead the fashion trend.

3.We have own factory,so we have an advantage in price and strictly control the quality of mink lashes.We make sure that the same price allows you to buy the best quality.

Eyelash Manufacturer
production process

4.Perfect packaging


5.Fast shipping

We use DHL,UPS,FEDEX to shipping goods,shipping time about 2-5 days.

6.Customers feedback

If you want to start your eyelash business, don’t know how to do.No worries,we will help you!!!

Why not have a try?

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  1. Hi Caleche Lashes, I am looking to start my own lash line. How would I go about getting a sample pack? Can I also get some more information about your business and lashes, as well as prices.

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