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How to maintain the mink eyelashes?

How to maintain the mink eyelashes?

Caleche Lashes are high-end luxury mink lashes, each mink hair is carefully selected by our experienced workers and is manually handled. In order to make each pair of eyelashes as natural as true eyelashes, each eye of our eyelashes is thick to thin.

Because the length of the mink lashes is limited, it is not as long as the length of the silk lashes. The length of the mink hair must use the special process used in the production. Our workers stick each mink hair to the eye line  and apply glue.

Best 3d Mink Lash Vendors Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

Best 3d Mink Lash Vendors Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

However, the surface of animal hair is oily and the glue is difficult to penetrate. The glue of Caleche Lashes was developed and patented by Xiaolong Sun from the United States.Our glue no odor, durability, hypoallergenic and easy to use.But even then, because the hair of the bristles sticks, you can’t force the hair to lick the hair, and you can’t force the roots of the hair. When choosing the eyelashes made by Caleche Lashes, you must use good glue to stick the eyelashes.The best eyelash glue is DUO, you also can choose our eyelash glue.

We have already reserved a line of eyeliner for the worker. When taking the eyelashes, you should use the tweezers to hold the extra eyeliner. After gently removing it, cut off the excess part. When cutting, try to choose a place with a gap. Do not use more hair. The place is casual.Some hair may fall off after cutting. This is normal. Don’t worry too much. The remaining hair is still firm.

1. When removing the eyelashes, use a good unloading glue to gently wipe off the glue remaining in the roots of the eyelashes. Do not rub hard! More forceless to tear!

2. When removing the eyelashes, do not throw them randomly. Be sure to put them on the original support. Keep the eyeliner of the eyelashes soft and curved.

20mm mink lashes


My dear friend, we all know that the more expensive things, the more cherished and maintained, the longer they can be used. Only by loving them will they bring you benefits.


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  1. Hi Caleche Lashes, I am looking to start my own small business in lashes and have noticed you seem like a respectable vendor that I am interested in. I have a few questions such as: what are your costs/rates for working with you? what is your minimum bulk order? can I customise my own lashes with you? will working with you mean I am sharing my business with you or is it completely my own brand? Thank you in advance!

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