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How To Pay The Lashes Order Without PAYPAL Account?

How To Pay The Lashes Order Without PAYPAL


Caleche lashes is the profession lash vendors, we main sell the Mink Lashes and the Custom Eyelash Packaging, our the package have the enough stock, and we have the professional lashes design team, we can do the free design for you.Not worry the package MOQ, we provide 30pcs package.

Apply a thin line and wait for at least 30 to 60 seconds before you carefully set the lash on-top of your natural lash.

Eyelash Vendors List

Eyelash Vendors List

Once you’ve set the lash on your lash-line push them into the corners of your eyes, then squeeze the naturals and minks together with your tweezers. The mink lashes already have that rich color you’re looking for, therefore, they don’t need another coat of mascara once they’re adhered.

We received many inquiries and many customers want to buy eyelashes from CALECHE LASHES, but they say that I don’t have an account, what should I do?

So I will introduce this situation.

1.We will sending the invoice to your email, Please Click “View and pay

invoice” from email.

2.Please Click “Pay Now”

3. Please Click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” ,if the web show chinese ,can be

change to english at bottom left of web

4.Please Enter credit card informationa/address/phone no./email/etc and  Click

“Pay Now” finish payment.

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