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Mink Lashes Wholesale

Mink Lashes Wholesale

As a premium eyelash vendor and eyelash manufacturer, Caleche Lashes’ 3D mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes are sought after by the market for their quality, longevity and style. We have more than 50 orders sent to Europe and the United States and the Middle East every day.

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Information Of 3D Mink Lashes

With the popularity of smart phones, the emergence of a large number of online social platforms, the diversity and convenience of cross-border payment methods, and the small amount of trade are booming. Wholesale mink lashes is such an industry.

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Because of its large market, it requires small starting capital, small weight and fast transportation, so it is more and more popular with eyelash enthusiasts and small businesses. More and more young people are joining the army of online shopping, and their relatives The low price and strong beauty effect have contributed to the market’s capacity.

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Eyelashes can be made up of many different materials. The most expensive, most natural looking eyelashes are made from hair that naturally falls off the tail of Siberian mink. There are many kinds of artificial eyelashes, the best of which should be silk lashes. As the saying goes: “Cheap will not have good things, good things will not be cheap”, the quality of products and the price of products are often directly related.

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Consumer demand for mink lashes is not limited to looking natural, conventional eyelashes are only suitable for work and more serious occasions. Now we have big mink lashes – 20mm lashes and 25mm lashes for weekend party parties, 3d mink lashes for holiday vacations and more.

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Caleche Lashes, from nature to thick, from routine to exaggerated, we have a variety of styles, we are sure that you will always find a special use of mink lashes for your occasion.

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CALECEH LASHES is a eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer with high quality.We not only produce mink lashes,but also wholesale mink lashes.Our product have 3d mink lashes,18mm mink lashes,20mm Siberian mink lashes,25mm Siberian mink lashes,regular mink lashes,lashes glue,lashes tweezers,and we also can custom lash packaging box.

Eyelash Venders

Eyelash Venders

CALECEH LASHES has won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelash entrepreneurs with fast delivery, high quality products and thoughtful after-sales service. We have become a well-known lash vendors in the United States and even the world!We will continue to innovate, ,constantly design new style of mink lashes, to make our customers continue to expand!

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