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Choosing False Eyelashes And Mascara

Rules for choosing false eyelashes

1. The thinner the eyelashes are, the more realistic they look.
When choosing false eyelashes, be sure to pay attention to the fidelity of 25 mink eyelashes strip or silk lashes. If the stem is too thick, you must hide the thick eyeliner, but if you are not careful, it will become a heavy makeup. Too dark eyelashes under the light will show a cheap plastic feel.

2. False eyelashes that are too thick and too curled are looking fake.
The length of the false eyelashes(such as 25mm mink strip,20mm siberian mink lash) worn daily after curling is enough to the eye socket. If you exceed the eyebrows, then the entire eye makeup will look quite strange.

How do you apply mascara to make your eyes more radiant?

The use of mascara can also free your eyes from the state of godlessness and exude the unique charm of women. To highlight the beauty of the eyes, how to apply mascara has become a key issue. How do you apply mascara to make your eyes more radiant?

Lash Venders

Lash Venders

1. Choose the mascara that suits you.

It is important to use your own mascara. Ordinary black mascara is very suitable for daytime use, which can increase the brightness of the eyes and visually increase the size of the eyes. The blue mascara produces a dark reflective effect under the light, suitable for night parties. Brown mascara is suitable for people with lighter skin and lighter hair.

2. Mascara with long and thick effect
Now there are two kinds of mascara that combine the two functions. One mascara has two functions. It can make your eyelashes thick and long, which is a good choice for lazy people


3. Perm eyelashes, grafting eyelashes
Modern superb beauty technology has brought convenience to many ladies who love beauty. After the perm eyelashes, you don’t need to use the eyelash curler, just apply a layer of mascara. But remember that the eyelashes after perm are more fragile, so be careful when removing makeup. Artificially grafted eyelashes are a quick and convenient way, but artificial fibers stick to your own eyelashes, so you don’t have to use mascara. Because the composition of the mascara reacts with the fiber, it is likely to cause the eyelashes to fall off during makeup removal.

4. The residual value of used mascara
What should you do with used mascara? If you don’t use it for a long time, the mascara has passed the shelf life. It is best not to use it, but you don’t need to throw it away. It has other effects. It can be used directly to brush the eyebrows, but because the paste is dry, there is no need to worry that the eyebrows will be smeared.

5. What color mascara do you choose when you are in dark circles?
After a long night, this nasty dark circle began to appear on the face. To cover this nasty dark circle, we can use some lashes tools to cover up. First select some concealer pens that modify the dark circles, then start to choose the appropriate mascara, brown or blue mascara, brighten the eyelids, distract everyone’s attention to dark circles, do not choose brown mascara.

6. Is it necessary to apply bottom eyelashes?
Is it not very unprofessional to apply only the upper eyelashes without applying the bottom eyelashes? In fact, it is not so absolute. Applying the upper and lower eyelashes at the same time will increase the third dimension of the eye, making the eyes look big and fascinating.If you match the eyeliner, it will look more formal and have a stronger makeup, it’s suitable for attending at night. If you go to work, travel, and hope that the makeup looks natural and fresh, you can choose not to apply the bottom eyelashes.

7. Frame glasses VS Mascara
For those who must wear glasses and like to wear glasses, in order to be able to highlight the beautiful eyelashes, try to choose the boundless frame mirror. Pay attention to the encryption type of eyelashes when applying eyelashes. Too long eyelashes will destroy the coordination of the entire eye makeup. Pay attention to the color of the frame and the color of the eyelashes, and pay attention to the overall effect of eye makeup.


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