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New eyelash package box arrival

New eyelash package box arrival

Caleche lashes, as one of the best eyelash suppliers, we have been focusing on luxury mink eyelashes for 10 years, and provide high-end luxury mink eyelashes to the market at low prices. If you want to buy mink hair wholesale, Dunhill lashes will be the first choice.After the last launch of the new eyelash package box, we have launched a lot of new boxes again.

These box can customized,you can print your brand name,website,social media…on these box.

Eyelash Packaging

Eyelash Packaging

Minium Order Quantity only 20 PCS!!!

Consumers are looking for good product quality eyelashes of Eyelash Vendors, consumers are not afraid to spend money, willing to spend as long as I feel good, middlemen, these fools know low prices, low prices and low prices, and finally fail one by one under low price and low quality competition!

All box are magnetic box.

On the first day of the launch of the new box, CALECHE LASHES sold several cartons.A lot of customers say that I like your box too much.


There are still many new boxes in production, so waiting for more new styles…

Which one do you like the most?

Honey,if you have any about create your lash business questions,you can asked us,we can solve them for you


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  1. Hi Caleche Lashes, I’m looking to buy whole 20mm mink lashes with custom lash boxes. Can you give me more info?

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