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Our best selling 20mm mink eyelashes styles

Our best selling 20mm mink eyelashes styles

We are a large eyelash vendor who has been engaged in eyelashes for more than 15 years.

There are 15mm 16mm 20mm 22mm 25mm siberian mink lashes,many customers asked,which length mink lashes are best selling?

The answer is 20mm mink lashes.Why 20mm are best selling?

Firstly,the 20mm mink lashes style are beautiful styles,many styles said it is difficult to choose the styles. Becasue all styles are pretty.

Secondly,they have a moderate length.Not too long and not too short, most of ladies love them so much.

Thirdly,20mm mink lashes have cheaper price but it is quality is good,these styles are sell well in US.If you start own eyelash business just now and don’t know sell which styles,please choose the best selling styles!!! Thats correct way,please trust me!!!

So I will introduce the 20mm mink lashes hot selling styles now:

Wow,so pretty mink lashes!!! if put them to our package box,that will be perfect!!!

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