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A lot of diamond-shaped box styles are coming!!!!

A lot of diamond-shaped box styles are coming!!!

Recently, many customers like to come to Caleche Lashes to ask if they can customize the eyelash packaging. Of course, we can.

Caleche Lashes is a high qualitywholesale mink lashes eyelash vendor and wholesaler of custom eyelash packaging boxes. We have a lot of expertise to help your eyelash business, especially for customers who are just starting the eyelash business.

1. First of all, the most important thing is the quality of our good quality mink lashes.

We are doing high quality mink lashes wholesale, and we not only have wholesale mink lashes, but we can also customize eyelash packaging, we also have a lot of eyelash tools, eyelash tweezer,eyelash brusheyelash glue, we also You can design your own private logo, we can fully help your eyelash business.

2. We have a professional team of designers.

Regardless of the style of the eyelashes or the design of the custom eyelash packaging, we are dedicated to designing each customer, doing our best to help them and give them the most comprehensive service.

Regarding the custom eyelashes packing, if you have your private label and confirm that you want to customize the box you like, we can directly put your logo on your favorite eyelash box according to your requirements and give it to you. Check out the effect picture of the box, and wait for your confirmation, we will arrange the production of the box for you immediately. It is about 3-5 days and we can give you the production and send it to you. If you don’t have a private label for the eyelash brand, after you confirm the order and pay, we will also have a professional team of designers to design the logo according to your requirements, to help you complete the customization of your box and related design. You can rest assured that we will do our best to help you.

3. We give you the fastest shipping and lowest shipping costs by default.

We currently have two modes of transportation, Fedex and Ups. Of course, other transportations are used first, and we can also apply for you. Generally our Fedex transport is 2-3 days to reach Ups which is 3-4 days to arrive.

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How To Start Own Lash Business?

How To Start Own Lash Business?

The eyelash business has a low threshold, low cost, no customs restrictions, express is very convenient and many eyelashes vendors. Thousands of people to start own eyelash line every day.Many people open Ali website every day or start their eyelashes brand on social media.So how to start own lash business?

       wholesale mink lashes

1.Create your eyelash brand and logo

Because your own trademark looks more formal, let others customers remember your brand at once.

custom eyelash packaging
    custom eyelash packaging

2.Find A Reliable Lash Vendor

CALECHE LASHES are eyelash vendor and manufacturer of 25mm mink lashes ,custom eyelash package box,custom eyelash tweezer and eyelash glue.We have decades of experience in the eyelash industry, helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs start their own eyelash business.

We have hundreds of eyelashes styles and boxes to meet the needs of different customers.

eyelash vendors wholesale

3.Choose the best selling eyelash styles

Many customers choose the eyelash style according to their own preferences. This is the wrong idea. Your preference does not mean the preference of most people, please choose the best selling styles.

Choose the best selling styles mink lashes and order the sample to test the quality.

mink eyelash vendors
      mink eyelash vendors

4.Choose the best package box with your logo

After you receive the sample,if you are satisfaction with the sample,then you can order the Custom Eyelash Packaging

The eyelash packaging box with logo,minium order quantity only 30 pcs.And CALECHE LASHES have professional eyelash designer to design your logo/box.And we will show how it looks before production.When you are satisfacted with the design,we will start production.Production time only takes 3-5 days!!!

custom lash packaging
     custom lash packaging

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