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What type of eyelashes are you suitable for?

What type of eyelashes are you suitable for?

Some mink eyelash types that are suitable for common eye types.

When faced with various types of mink strip eyelashes from different eyelash vendors , it is always difficult to imagine what you will look like after wear it. In fact, as long as you know what eye type you are, you can choose the mink eyelashes which suitable for you.

Before wear mink eyelashes, we need to understand the fact that mink lashes strip are designed to help you modify your eye shape and increase your eye makeup in general. It is not to make your makeup exaggerated and dramatic.

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

So in daily makeup,not any type of mink lashes you can try. Because we have different eye shape, some types of eyelashes may not be suitable for you. Here are some eyelash types that are suitable for common eye types.

How to wear mink eyelashes?

1.Eyelid width
Girls with wide eyelids are suitable for longer-length lashes, such as 25mm mink strip lashes,and can choose transparent lashes to increase the natural feel of makeup. Long eyelashes give the eyes a more three-dimensional look and make the eyes look godlike.

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25mm mink strip lashes

2. Near eye distance
People with close eyes are suitable for mink eyelashes that are aggravated at the end of the eye. This can increase the visual proportion of the end of the eye, giving the user a feeling of pulling open.

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3. Round eyes
If a girl with a very round eye wants to stretch her eye shape, she can choose a long eyelash at the end of the eye, which can fill the gap between the end of the eye and the temple. Especially the girl with a big face will look more feminine.

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4. Eye drooping
Girls with sagging eyes can choose long, curled eyelashes at the end of the eye, which can raise the corners of the eyes and make your makeup look vibrant and cute.

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5. Small eyes
Girls with small eyes are suitable for eyelashes with sharp eyes and eyes, creating a visual three-dimensional effect on the surface of the eyes, widening the eyes and length of the eyes.

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Of course, it is also important to choose a good quality eyelash.

The 3D mink lashes we make are 4-8 layers and look fuller and thicker than other lashes. Once customers see them, they feel they can’t wait to wear them! We have a lot of styles of mink lashes, and the effects of different styles are different. Once you compare our eyelashes with cheap eyelashes, I believe you will not wear cheap mink lashes.

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